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Welcome to Vintage Estate Sales, LLC

Vintage Estate Sales, LLC is more than a business—it’s a family-owned legacy steeped in over 25 years of sales expertise. Our journey began with Joe, our founder, who discovered his passion for sales at a young age, helping his mother with yard sales and exploring estate sales across the region. Despite initially pursuing a career in the criminal justice field, Joe’s unwavering commitment to fairness, integrity, and dedication persisted.

Our story took a pivotal turn when Joe, faced with executing his grandparents’ estate, noticed a significant gap in the estate sales market—integrity, values, and genuine care were lacking. Refusing to compromise on his family’s needs during this sensitive time, Joe personally managed the sale of his grandparents’ estate.

Leveraging his extensive experience as a buyer, Joe expertly priced items, ensuring optimal returns for his family’s estate. His dedication and meticulous approach resulted in a more profitable outcome than traditional family yard or estate sales.

Motivated by the desire to assist families in similar situations, Joe established his first estate sale company, serving the Phoenix Metro Area with unwavering integrity and ethics for many years. Despite a medical setback leading to the sale of the business, Joe’s commitment to serving families endured.

Today, Joe’s unyielding dedication to aiding families in need culminates in Vintage Estate Sales, LLC. We take pride in guiding families through the emotional process of parting with household items. Offering an array of services—from conventional estate sales to complete residence cleanouts—our solutions are tailored to meet diverse needs.

Experience the Vintage Estate Sales difference with a personal meet and greet. Let us showcase why we stand apart. Our commitment is to earn your trust and deliver an unmatched level of service.

Contact Vintage Estate Sales, LLC today to embark on your estate liquidation journey.

“We offer the highest integrity and accountability throughout your entire sale which is not just our motto, but it is who we are and how we live!“

Joe ~ Owner

Our Team of Professionals:

Joe S.
President & CEO
Vintage Estate Sales

Zak S.
Customer Service Rep Vintage Estate Sales

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