Vintage Estate Sales Auctions:

We offer a top-notch seamless auction service to get you the most money from your unwanted items. After hiring Vintage Estate Sales, LLC, we bring you a team of hard-working, careful, and trustworthy personnel who will clean, research, appraise, and photograph. and list your items. We will then manage the auction, answering questions, and broker payment. Once completed we mail you a check within a few business days after the sale completion.

  1. Cleaning your Item: We professionally clean and prep your item for sale using industry best practices.
  2. Research and Appraise: We utilize various databases and sources to research and accurately price your heirloom.
  3. Photograph: We utilize professional high-resolution cameras to detail your item.
  4. Listing Your Item: We use the information found in our research along with using appropriate keywords list your item for sale so it can be easily found by buyers.
  5. Managing Your Auction: We take the responsibility of answering questions, working with potential buyers, and processing payments for your items.
  6. Payment: We process payments within a few days of the completion of the sale to make sure you have your hard-earned money as soon as possible.

For more information or to schedule an estimate please contact us.

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